The Tide EP

by Sleep Slumber Sleep

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released December 1, 2013

All music written and performed by Justin Beauchamp.
With the exception of a little bass doodle done on "The Tide Pt. III" by Tipu Sabzawaar.



all rights reserved


Sleep Slumber Sleep Kitchener, Ontario

Sleep Slumber Sleep is the solo project of Justin (Credible) Beauchamp, a singer/songwriter originally from Kingston Ontario.

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Track Name: The Tide Pt III
Im drowning in sleep
As my lungs fill with z's
Washed away by the sea
'Oneiros' to the deep

I sink down below with
Buoyancy of stone
Waves crashing over head
While I'm swimming in my bed

The tide starts to rise
To the moon in the sky
And I'm almost surprised
when I open my eyes


Just five more minutes
I never get to finish
Like a song without an end
I repeat it all again
Track Name: The Tide
The spite came a fallin`
Down upon us
The forecast was calling
For piranhas

If you don`t walk away right now
You might see
There's an ocean of contempt
Dense like the dead sea

Between us

The tide hits the shore
And each day, erodes more
Of my composure
Track Name: The Tide Pt II
I wake to red skies
Like a storm I arise
I bring with me the tides
As two forces collide

I prey on the young
The unwary and dumb
Fathers and daughters
If they test my waters

I eat what you spill
I hide what you kill
I'm stonger than stone
I can make the wind moan

I crash into your shores
Littered with broken oars
Remnants of your failures
To all your past sailors